The Best Ultra Wide Angle Lens with Close-to-Zero Distortion

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  1. I am very excited to see the upcoming Laowa 12mm F2.8 Zero-D. It seems very impressive.As a wedding and travel photographer, I would like to add this lens with my existing gear.

  2. I reserved a copy, I’m very curious to try his potential on astrophotography applied to astronomical tracker that I invented, the Minitrack LX!
    I would like to know if you can also set the half diaphram, to better control the coma at the edges. Thank you!

  3. Hi Laowa

    I am interested for laowa 12mm with shift adapter
    have you tried it with cpl and nd filter, full shift (10mm) and no or minimum vignett?

    if the performance is good, I want to replace it with my canon 17 TS

    Thank you

  4. I’m really looking forward to get a Laowa 12mm in my hands – or on my camera. 🙂
    I already got the 15mm macro lens and it’s a really amazing tool.

    Continue the good job!

    Best regards from Sweden,
    Andy Renard

  5. Hello I am interested in the lens Laowa 12 mm I have a question I have a canon 5 d mark III and I would like to know if I can use the lens laowa 12 mm in this camera ?

  6. 我在纽约BH买到了老蛙15mm镜头。祝贺你们的镜头(以及中一光学镜头)成功登陆美国,并获得一致好评。你们的镜头很有特色,很受欢迎。许多使用者认为中一光学50mm f/0.95镜头甚至与莱卡夜光镜头(Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95)不差上下;确实除了莱卡无人能比,我也买了一个。美国的用户十分理性公平,注重品质,但以前只有德、日产品可选,德国产品虽然质量很好但是生产能力有限,漫天要价,现在有了来自中国这些好产品,自然会受到欢迎。老蛙这款12mm f/2.8,从数据上看很好,超越了Sigma 12mm-24 f4.5-5.6, Voigtlander 10mm f/5.6,Canon f/11-24mm f/4,我本来计划买一个 Voigtlander 10mm 和Canon ts-E 17mm f/4, 现在知道了老蛙将出的12mm,十分高兴,决定改变计划,赶快预订一个。不过有一个小问题需要请教:Laowa Magic Shift Converter移轴功能是否只能在Sony E APS-C 相机上用?
    只要你们能拿出货真价实的好产品,就会受到欢迎。如果没有新意,只能跟Rokinon一样,在低端争,但是如果华而不实,即是是莱卡这样的品牌,在北美市场也不会成功;最近莱卡 T 就是个例子,只是华而不实。

  7. The 15mm macro lens is amazing. I think this is the macro lens that I have ever needed for interesting macro work.
    I am nature photograher using Olympus micro system.

    When do you make it for micro four thirds?

    • Sorry that we currently do not have dealers in New Zealand. However you can currently order it via our webstore and we ship to NZ for FREE.

  8. Hi this looks very good. When is it commercial available in the Ntgerlands or Europe?! And which filter and mount to use on it. Ubderstood filters aare possible?!

    Thanks Andy

  9. When selection the lens for Sony E-Mount, there is an option for ( Sony E-Mount with adapter ) My question is , Why would I need an adapter if the lens fits straight on the camera ?

    • Native E-mount has the built-in adapter while Adapted E-mount is for people who owns both Canon/Nikon and Sony E mount cameras

  10. Good morning,
    do you ship to Italy?
    I cannot find Italy in the scroll bar menu to choose my nation and I would like to place an order…
    Thanks in advance

  11. So I have a Nikon and Sony E-mount , If I want a Nikon mount with Sony adapter ,there is only one choice , That is either The Nikon Ai or Sony FE (with adapter) , How do I choose a Nikon Mount , with Sony FE adapter ?

  12. November 4 they handed me my 12 mm.
    Too bad that he had to add another € 254 to cost optics.
    Great packaging, beautiful lens.
    I did some tests with my two bodies: Canon 5d mark 3 and Canon 60D. I took some photos of the stars and there behave a bit ‘strange sky: On Mark3 5d in the lower left corner is less sharp than the other, while the 60D (APSC), the angles are better, but along the right side and top of the image the stars seem elongated, as if they are doubles. How is it possible?
    Thank you!

  13. Hi.
    I have the 15mm canon mount and I’m using it with a sony adapter on A7RII.
    I’m interested in the 12mm F2.8 with the whole bundle (Tilt-shift, filter). When can we expect to see a full review of the package on a full frame sensor? Is the adapter for tilt as well as shift? will it be like a “regular” tilt/shift lens so we can use it in portrait as well as landscape?
    The 15mm is shift just in landscape mode.

    • Hi Jacob, The MSC only has Shift but no TILT. Review will be coming very soon. Professional architecture photographer told us it can definitely used for professional work. The MSC has 360 rotation as well so you can shift in both landscape / portrait mode.

  14. Hi:

    I’m interested in using the 12 mm on a Fuji X system with shift capabilities. Are you planning on developing a X-mount equivalent to the Sony E mount MSC? If not, have you tested the lens as say a Nikon lens on a Kipon Tilt Shift Adapter for Nikon F AI Lens to Fuji X?

  15. Where in India i could get the Venus LAOWA 15mm macro lense. Or is there any provision so that u could courier this lense over here.

  16. This looks interesting and promising. Now for architecture it would be extremely nice to have this kind of wide angle lens with tilt-shift and some electronic communication. I don’t talk about autofocus in the first place here. Allthough autofocus is allways nice to have, in the first place I’m talking just about electronic communication in terms of aparture, etc. This way we would have these metadata stored into our images, which I just like to have. That would be a huge step forward. Nevertheless, from what I’ve seen so far, especially one review on YouTube done by Dustin Abott, nice job, so contrats on that.

  17. Hello,

    I preordered in September and have been trying to track down an expected delivery date (which was believed to be November when I purchased it). Any help on how to contact would be appreciated.


  18. Is the 15 mm F/2.0 Zero-D for Sony full frame E mount A7R ii available yet? Can it be preordered now? where can I order? Do you ship to Canada? Thanks a lot for answering.

  19. I placed my order for 12 f.8 1 month ago, still has no words when it will be shipped. Now that the new Sigma 12-24 Art lens is available in my area, I’m tempted to cancel my Laowa lens and get the Sigma instead, I’m just losing patience to wait forever. Admin, please let me know so I don’t have to cancel my order now. Thanks!

    • Sorry to keep you waiting. We were experiencing a serious backorders and we expect to ship out your order in around early Feb. Thanks.

  20. Hello,
    I ordered Canon EF version of Laowa 12 f2.8. I plan to use it on my Sony A7R2 with metobone adapter for canon lens. I wonder the combination will work? I just noticed on the product page it says it should not be used with 3rd party adapters. So do you recommend I get a Sony FE mount version? Or Sony EF with adapter(what does this even mean?). Thank you!

  21. Received the lens, and it’s an absolute stellar performer. Stellar sharpness for a wide angle lens this wide. I also own three other Laowa lenses, the 60mm 2:1 macro, the 105mm, and the 15mm shift. I really like all four of them. The 60mm is a good high magnification macro lens. The 105mm has exceptional sharpness and beautiful bokeh at the same time. The 15mm is often misunderstood. There is some barrel distortion which is likely due to design requirements. However, it generates the most unusual wide angle perspectives as it is so small that you have a high magnification and dramatic wide angle effect even though your subject is right in front of your lens.

    Keep up the good work and please continue to provide such unusual and fantastic lenses.

  22. I still have a D-Dreamer 12 mm lens (003144) I did not order.
    I have not opened package, and I want to send it back.
    I am using another 12 mm from previous order.

    • Hi Tim,

      May I know when did you receive the 2 packages? Do you still have the 2 tracking numbers with you? Or do you remember if both packages have your name as the recipient’s information?

      Sorry for the hassel!


  23. Aku sudah ada laowa 12mm f 2.8 zero D. Tapi merasa kecewa karena untuk foto landscape harus memakai filter,,,, Tapi filter holder tidak tersedia di pasar dan filter holder yang tersedia tidak kompatibel dengan laowa 12mm f 2.8,,,, Kapan filter holder laowa bisa di dapatkan di jakarta,,,,???

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