LAOWA 15mm f/4 Wide Angle 1:1 Macro Lens


– In stock

– Free Economy Shipping included (14-22 days)

– Nikon F / Canon EF / Sony Alpha / Pentax K / Sony FE mounts available

– +USD 20 for an extra adaptor to use in NEX/FX/M43 cameras

(Please mark clearly onto the Customer Notes if you need specific Nikon or Canon lenses to go with the adaptor. Otherwise we will choose the mount by random)


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Product Description


  • 110 degrees of view angle
  • 1:1 macro ability with infinity focus
  • +/- 6mm Shift ability
  •  12 elements in 9 groups with 3 pieces of High Refractive elements and 1 piece of Extra-low dispension lens
  • Multi-layer low-reflective coatings to avoid unnecessary flare
  • Carefully control on the sharpness both in the centre and the edge.
  • Limited barrel distortion
  • 14 pieces of aperture blades form a close-to-circular aperture
  • Flat Front element surface for filter installation.
  • The enclosure of the lens is made of metal to strengthen its durability.
  • Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, Sony FE & Pentax K mounts are available.
  • Full Frame Sensor Supported

Package Includes

  • Venus 15mm f/4 1:1 Wide Angle Macro Lens
  • Front & Rear Lens Cap
  • 3-year warranty card

Visit below link for more information

P.S. Please note the mass production unit is a little bit different from the product shot shown (i.e. Shift button in silver instead of black)


LAOWA 15mm f/4 WIDE ANGLE 1:1 Macro Lens

Focal Length 15mm
Maximum Aperture F/4
Minimum Aperture F/32
Angle of View 110 degrees (FF)  85 degrees (APS-C)
Format Compatibility Full Frame
Shift (for APS-C sensors only) +/- 6 mm
Lens Structure 12 elements in 9 groups
(High Refractive Elements x 3pcs, Extra-low Disperson Elements x 1pc)
Aperture Blades 14
Min. working distance  0.47 cm (1:1)
Min. shooting distance 12 cm
Max. Magnification Ratio 1:1
Focus Manual Focus
Filter Thread 77mm
Dimensions  83.8 x 64.7 mm
Weight  410g



  1. :

    Fine lens,
    just wondering where I can find LIghtroom presets
    for this lens.

    Greetings, Rek

    • :

      Sorry that we do not have LR presets.

  2. :

    is this compatible with nikon d610? or do i need an adaptor?

    • :

      Yes. It is compatible with Nikon D610. No adapter needed.

  3. :

    Is this compatible with Sony A99, full frame?

    • :

      Hi Wallace,
      Yes it is compatible with Sony A99. Thanks

  4. :

    I need to choose Sony FE for Sony a7 right?

    • :

      Hi Sir,


  5. :

    What adapter do I need for sony alpha 5100 camera? Thanks

    • :

      Hi Marc, PLease kindly place the order for Sony FE mount. It can be used with Sony A5100.

  6. :

    I see there are two options for Sony E mount:Sony FE and Sony Nex with adapter. I have Sony FE mount(A7) and E mount(Nex 5r). Which one should I order to use on both mounts? Is it possible?

    • :

      Hi Ken, Please use the Sony FE mount. It works with both A7 and Nex5r. Thanks.

  7. :

    Hallo. What should i take when i work with a Sony Alpha 77?

    • :

      Hi Stefan,
      Please use Sony A mount.

  8. :

    (1) If I want to use this lens on M43 Lumix GH3, presumably I have to fit this with an adaptor, or do you make a version with the extended rear end, built as one unit?

    (2) On M43, what will the effective focal length become, and the angle of view?

    (3) will attaching to M43 affect the nearest focusing distance to maintain an object at 1:1?

    (4) fantastic idea, do you have plans for something which will be even wider focal length on M43?

    (5) Please?

    Many thanks, best wishes

    • :

      1) We did not make it for native M43 mount (built-in adapter) but a lot of our customers use this lens on M43 system with an adapter.
      2) It will become 30mm (like all other lenses in the market with 2X crop factor)
      3) No it will not.
      4) We are planning to release a 12mm FF lens within 2016 (without Macro)

  9. :

    a) What is the difference between these specifications?
    Min. working distance 0.47 cm (1:1)
    Min. shooting distance 12 cm

    b)What is the min. focus distance?

    c) Are these distance from the image sensor? or from the extremity of the lens?

    • :

      Distance from object to front elements at 1:1 = 0.47mm
      Distance from object to Sensor at 1:1 = 12cm

  10. :

    Hi, would it work with Nikon D90 APS-C?

    • :

      yes it works with Nikon D90

  11. :

    I use three Sony Cameras : A900 (A mount), A7R2 (FE mount) and A6100 (E mount). Can I use one “LAOWA 15mm f/4 Wide Angle 1:1 Macro Lens” with “specific adapter” for the 3 cameras ?

    • :

      Hi Jean, You may buy the NEX option of our lens and mark on the customer note, “Need A mount lens”.

      Then we will ship you a Laowa 15mm Sony A mount (for use in A900) and Sony A- Sony E adapter to use in A7R2 and A6100.

  12. :

    Can this be compatible for use in video (APS-C camera) or for Film SLR (Nikomat FT)? Thanks

    • :

      Yes it is compatible.

  13. :


    I am using two system, the Nikon d800 and the Fuji Xt-1. What combination should I get to get the lens working for both my camera?

    Nikon mount with Fuji x adaptor?


    • :

      Hi Linus,
      You should place the order for the FX option and make a customer note onto the order ” Need Nikon mount “. We will ship you the Nikon lens together with a Fuji X adapter.

  14. :

    What’s about Samsung NX system?

    • :

      You can use in Samsung NX system via an adapter. Thanks.

  15. :

    Can I use this lens on my Pentax KS2 ???

    • :

      Yes it can.

  16. :

    I use Sony A6000, can I use this len ?

    • :

      Yes. You may select the Sony FE mount. Thanks.

  17. :

    Do you have rough measurement for how far you would pull back the distance from object to front elements to be at 1:2, 1:4, and 1:10?

    • :

      Hi Sir,

      The min. focusing distance (object to CCD) is as follows.

      0.12m (1:1), 0.123m (0.8:1), 0.13m (0.4:1), 0.26m (0.1:1)

  18. :

    Can we use on a Nikon F5 ?


    • :

      Yes Nikon F5 can use. Thanks.

  19. :

    Fine lens. Thank you!

  20. :

    Hello, for the both Cameras: Sony 7R and Canon 60D which option should i get?
    Thank you very much!

    • :

      You should purchase the Sony FE (Adaptor) option and mark onto the customer note (need Canon mount).

      We will then ship you the Canon lens together with an Sony 7R adapter. Thanks

  21. :

    is this compatible with nikon d750 or do i need an adaptor?

    • :

      It is compatible with Nikon D750. No adapter is needed. Just simply place the order for Nikon mount. Thanks.

  22. :

    Hi, do I need an adapter for it to work on a Nikon D810?


    • :

      Hi Sir, No adapter is needed for using in Nikon D810. Simply place an order for Nikon mount.

  23. :

    From the Specifications: Shift (for APS-C sensors only) +/- 6 mm
    What is the shift distance for Full Frame Camera?
    Can we remove the Sony adapter on the laowa 15mm?
    If can be removed, what the native mount?

    • :

      Shift distance for FF cameras is around +/- 3mm without vignetting. You can order the specific mount (Canon / Nikon / Sony A / Pentax K / Sony FE), they are not interchangeable.

  24. :

    Hi, do you ship to Spain? How long does the ship take?

    Thank you.

    • :

      Yes we currently ship to Spain. It takes around 14-21 days to arrive. Thanks.

  25. :

    Hi, Where in Singapore sell the LAOWA lens 15mm f/4 wide angle macro. Appreciate if anyone can tell me the shop.
    Many thanks.

    • :

      Hi Sir,

      Please contact Artworkfoto for purchase in Singapore. Thanks!

  26. :

    Hi, sony A6000 lens suitable? do you ship to Turkey ? How long does the ship take?

    Thank you..

    • :

      Yes. Sony A6000 is suitable and please select the E-mount option. We can currently ship to Turkey. It normally takes around 14-21 days to arrive. Thanks!

  27. :

    can i use this Lens on Nikon D5000.

    • :

      Yes it can be used in D5000.

  28. :

    Does this fit on Canon 7D Mark II?

    • :

      Yes it fits with Canon 7D Mark II.

  29. (verified owner):

    You can deliver the goods to Ukraine? And how much is shipping?

    • :

      Yes. We currently ship to Ukraine via Registered Airmail for FREE. Please place your order via our webstore.

  30. :

    Can it use with Canon M3?

    • :

      Hi Kan, You may use in M3 with a simple adapter.

  31. :

    Do you mean Canon EF-EOS M adapter?

  32. :

    Hi there,
    Im interested to purchase this lens, I use both Sony A7ii and canon camera, I use my canon EF lenses on my Sony with an adapter if I was to purchase this as a Canon EF mount, do you think it will be a problem with an adapter on such a wide angle on the sony? Also I just want to confirm shipping is free to Australia and how long do you think it will take to arrive? How does the warranty work? will I have to send it back to china for repairs or is there a repairer here in Australia?

    • :

      Hi Anthony,

      Yes suggest you using Canon mount lens and use in Sony A7 with adapter. Free shipping to Australia. 3 years warranty. Need to send it over to our Hong Kong warehouse should there be any repair (< 0.5% repair so far)

  33. :

    which mount for Sony Alpha 6300 ?

    • :

      Sony FE mount will fit A6300.

  34. :

    is this lens compatible with my Nikon D3200 ?

    • :

      Yes it is compatible with Nikon D3200. Thanks.

  35. :

    The lens on full-frame does not shift ?
    only for aps camera ?

    • :

      It can also be shifted in Full frame camera but there will be a mild vignetting when shifted to the maximum +/- 6mm.

  36. :

    if i get the version for MFT with adapter, what actual mount will the lens have before applying the adapter?

    • :

      You may choose either Canon or Nikon as you wish.

  37. (verified owner):

    I made a mistake – made a repeat order (without payment). As one of them cancel the?

  38. (verified owner):

    Today paid, how to track the delivery to Ukraine?

  39. (verified owner):

    Thank you for the goods! In fact, 15 days package reached in the Ukraine. I liked the quality of manufacturing. Pity not the season for photographs – which would test the operation. Good luck.

  40. :

    is this compatible with canon t5i? or do i need an adaptor?

    • :

      Yes It is compatible with Canon t5i. No adapter needed. Thanks.

  41. :

    Hi, Does this lens work with Sony a6000 camera (APS-C)?
    If so, what is the difference between the options “Mount: Sony FE” and “Mount: Sony FE (with adaptor) +$30)”?

    • :

      Yes! it works with Sony A6000. Sony FE mount = You can only use the lens in A6000 (or other Emount bodies). Sony E mount= You can use the lens in both Canon/Nikon and A6000.

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