Flexible Macro Twin Flash KX800


– Free International Standard Shipping (14-22 days) is included

– Compatible with Canon / Nikon / Sony A / Pentax Cameras

– Hot-shoe adaptor is needed for certain Sony cameras (e.g. Sony A7 series)

– Recommended to use Panasonic ENELOOP rechargeable batteries

– Limited 1 year warranty is provided


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Product Description

The first macro twin light equipped with GN-190 (feet in ISO100). Rapid Recycle Time, Flexible arms & Light Weight make it perfect for macro photography.

The new Macro Twin Flash KX-800 is specially designed for the use of macro photography. It features a combined guide number of 190 (in feet) with 8 levels of power adjustment. Powers can be adjusted independently in the left and right flash. The high output makes it extremly handy for macro photographers who shoots under small aperture and high magnification ratio. Quick recycle time (2 sec) also helps in shooting in a volatile environment. On top of that, the Macro Twin Flash is built with two 48cm long flexible arms. This gives photographers complete flexibility to position the flash for the best performance. A LED focusing light is equipped for focus assistance. The whole system weigh only 1 pound, making it a very portable gear for bringing around.


  • GN 190 (in feet at ISO 100), GN 58 in meter
  • Rapid Recycle Time (Appr. 2-5 seconds)
  • 48cm long dual flexible arms
  • Independent Output Control
  • LED focus assist light
  • Light Weight (Weigh 1 pound)
  • Compatible with Canon/ Nikon / Sony A /Pentax Cameras


Circuit Design Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor(IGBT)
Guide No. 58 (in meter), 190 (in feet)
Horizontal Rotation Angle 0~270 degrees
Power Supply 4x AA size batteries
Lighting Times 100~1500 times(Alkaline cell used)
Recycling time appr. 2~5s(Alkaline cell used)
Color Temperature 5600k
Flash time 1/200s ~1/20000s
Flash Conttrol 8 levels of output control(1/128~1/1)
External connection Hot shoe, PC port

** Batteries are NOT included.

* A flash hot shoe adaptor is needed for certain Sony cameras.


Sample Photos


 Reviews by Thomas Shahan





  1. :

    Are you going to make these compatible with M4/3?

    • :

      It is compatiable with M43 system!

  2. :

    Does it do Nikon’s ttl or creative light system ?

    • :

      Hi Patrick, Since it is a manual flash, no ttl is supported.

  3. :

    It is compatible with the Olympus OM-D E-M1?

    • :

      Yes it is compatible with EM-1

  4. :

    This morning I tried to place an order for one copy of your flashgun but, after clicking the checkout button, could not see England, Great Britain or the United Kingdom on the drop down list of countries to which you ship. What have I missed?

  5. :

    It is compatible with the Samsung NX system?

    • :

      Yes it is compatible with Samsung NX.

  6. (verified owner):

    Do you have any agent in Dubai selling your products?

    • :

      Hi Jay, We currently do not have dealers in Dubai. However You may purchase it through our webstore. We currently ship to Dubai for FREE.

  7. :

    Does flash come with a warranty? How long is it warranted for?

    • :

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes. The flash comes with a 1-year warranty. THanks.

  8. :

    Is it compatabible with the nikon D7100?

    And i was just wondering if it is manual flash how do u set the flash with the photo to make sure proper exposure?

    Cheers for any help, sincerly Jean-Luc

    • :

      Yes. It is compatible with Nikon D7100. You may set the flash output on the flash.

  9. :

    Hi, I bought the flash, but it with comes with chinese manual. Is it posible you can send me the english version to my email??


    • :


  10. :

    Hi. Does this need the $30 adapter to work with the Sony A6000 camera?

    • :

      Yes needed.

  11. :

    Hi im from India, the product looks great, this as well as all your other products.. i just have one doubt Will the stiffness of the flexible arms become reduced with use, can we replace the affected joints? And are the arms in warranty too ? Thank you in advance

    • :

      We do not received any feedbacks on any reduced stiffness of the flash arm yet and so we do not expect it to happen.

  12. :

    What is the currency the item is charge at the checkout?

    • :

      US Dollars.

  13. :

    Doese the flash system work with Fuji XPro2?

    • :

      Yes it works with Fuji XPRO2.

  14. :

    Will this work on a Fuji X-T1?

    • :

      Yes it works.

  15. :

    Do you have agent to sell in Thailand?

  16. :

    Do you have agent in Europe (France) selling this product?

    • :

      Hi Sir,

      Please contact http://www.lovinpix.com or you may order it via our webstore. We currently ship to france for FREE.

  17. :

    What are different between KR-800 and KX-800 model? I understand that only KX-800 is available for selling, please clarify.

  18. :

    Regarding guarantee, If I purchase online from this website, can I get worldwide guarantee from Thailand distributor?

  19. :

    Are the arms long enough for mp e 65?
    Are u shipping to germany ?
    Full support Canon 80D

    • :

      Yes it can be used with MPE65 & 80D and we can ship to Germany.

  20. :

    is it compatible with Panasonic GX-8 ?

    • :

      Yes it is

  21. :

    Hi, ship to brazil?

    • :

      Yes we can ship to Brazil.

  22. (verified owner):

    I bought the KX800 two years ago and am wondering now if it´s possible to order the Soft Box Diffusors and the Bounce Reflector separately? I can´t find an option to uncheck the flash itself.

  23. :

    is it compatible with sony nex5R ?

    • :

      Yes it does.

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