LAOWA 60mm f/2.8 2:1 Ultra-Macro Lens


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– FREE Economy Shipping included (14 – 21 days)

– Nikon F / Canon EF / Sony Alpha / Pentax K mounts available

– +USD 20 for extra adaptor to use in NEX/FX/M43 cameras

(Please mark clearly onto the ‘Customer Notes’ if you need specific Nikon or Canon lenses to go with the adaptor. Otherwise we will choose the mount by random)

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Product Description


  • Magnification range from 0.1x to 2x. Easily alter the magnification ratio without installing any extension tube or teleconverter. Ideally suited for rapidly changing macro photography scenarios.
  • Wide magnification range also makes it extremely useful for shooting macro objects (e.g. insects) with different sizes.
  • Designed also for normal shooting purposes with a 60mm focal length. An all-in-one solution for normal portrait shooting as well as ultra-macro photography.
  • Houses with 9 elements in 7 groups patented optical structure to provide great deal of image clarity and color renderness.
  • The optical system consists of 2 major moving lenses groups in order to minimize the barrel distortion.
  • 14 pieces of aperture blades form a close-to-circular aperture, capable of creating creamy shallow depth of view.
  • The enclosure of the lens is made of metal to strengthen its durability.
  • A complimentary lens pouch and filter are included in the package.
  • Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony Alpha and Pentax K mount are available

Package Includes

  • Laowa 60mm f/2.8 2X Ultra-Macro Lens  x 1
  • Front & Rear Lens Caps
  • UV Filter x 1
  • Lens Pouch x 1
  • 3-yr warranty card x 1

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VENUS V-DX 60mm f/2.8 Ultra-Macro Lens

Focal Length 60mm
Maximum Aperture F/2.8
Minimum Aperture F/22
Angle of View 25.3 degrees
Format Compatibility APS-C (Both Macro and Normal shooting)
Full-frame (Macro shooting only)
Lens Structure 9 elements in 7 groups
Aperture Blades 14
Min. Aperture Size 22
Min. focus distance 18.5cm
Max. Magnification Ratio 2x
Focus Manual Focus
Filter Size 62mm
Dimensions 95 x 70mm
Weight 503 g


  1. :

    This lens has proven to be very capable for macro AND for general purpose. Its only limitation is the lack of an automatic diaphragm. I have posted a fairly comprehensive review here:

    and have a flickr group here: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2760818@N21/
    If you have purchased this lens, please join and share some of your work!

  2. :

    I want to know before buying the lens …
    This is compatible with nikon d810?
    I mean is for full frame format?
    I do not want to use the cutout sensor that does not give me bullet
    thanks for a prompt reply
    Greetings from Colombia

  3. (verified owner):


    Very impressed with the reviews for this lens and would like to check is it compatible with sony alpha 6000?


    • :

      Yes. It is compatible with Sony Alpha 6000. Please select the NEX option during purchase. THanks.

  4. :

    Hi, is it compatible with Canon 60d, does it need any accessories to make it work? Thanks for your response.


    • :

      Yes . It is compatible with Canon 60D. Thanks.

  5. :

    So, what would I need if I wanted to use it on my Canon DSLR and my Sony a6000? How would I go about ordering? Thanks.

  6. (verified owner):

    Hi, I would like to purchase this lens but I was just wondering, if I purchase the sony nex option will the lens still be compatible with my sony a77 when I’m not using the adapter?

    • :

      Yes but please remember to put into the remarks ” Need Sony A mount lens” so that our colleague will be notified.

  7. :


    I have two questions:
    1. I am in the UK, do I have to pay any custom duty/VAT on the item?
    2. I currently use a Sony A 77ii, I would buy a sony A mount lens…however I have a Sony A6000 also…and I own a Sony A to E mount adapter….will it work in both my cameras.



    • :

      Hi Jay,

      1) We will declare the item as GIFT and as low value to avoid VAT
      2) Yes. You can use it in both systems.

  8. (verified owner):


    Would you get 2:1 macro using this lens on the Fuji XT1?



    • :

      Yes. You can select the FX option during purchase and we will ship you the lens together with a Fuji X adaptor for you to use in XT1.

  9. :

    I did an extensive review here if anyone is interested https://www.wimarys.com/venus-60mm-macro-lens-review/

  10. (verified owner):

    Admin Sir,

    I would like to know if Venus 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens will work on the Canon 7D Mark II (APS-C) … & … Canon 6D (full-frame) — Camera Bodies or not ?

    Thanks & Regards

  11. (verified owner):

    I received mine today and am VERY impressed. Pin sharp, perfect bokeh, good construction. Here are a few initial shots:

  12. (verified owner):

    Hi. I’m really interested with this lens. However, you don’t manufacture the lens that is directly compatible for my system. Will it still work well on my samsung nx300 camera using an adapter? Thank you.

    • :

      Hi Sir,
      It will work with NX300 with a simple adaptor. Please place an order on the NEX option and make a remark on the customer note saying you need to use in NX system. THanks.

  13. (verified owner):

    Just received mine. I’m quit impressed by the output quality of the image. Best price / performance ratio of all my objectifs ! I recommand this product.

  14. (verified owner):

    It’s me again.

    It’s good to know that it will work on my samsung nx300. Is the adapter included already or do I have to purchase separately. Thanks again.

  15. :

    ¿Es compatible con Olympus Om-d EM-1?

    • :

      Yes. EM-1 can use. Please kindly select the M43 option.

  16. (verified owner):

    Hello ! i am very interested by your lens and want to know if it’s compatible with my nikon d5000 ? and maybe if it’s possible to add an extender to your lens ? or maybe your X-Pro Vari-Length Auto Extension Tube (Nikon) ?

    Great work !

    Best regards !

    • :

      Hi Wood, Yes it is compatible with Nikon d5000 and you can also use the vari-length extension tube as well!

  17. (verified owner):

    Hi there!

    I’ve placed an order for your macro lens Sony Alpha mount and I am interested in know if is expected a X-Pro Vari-Length Auto Extension Tube for sony alpha.


    Best regards,


    • :

      Sorry that we currently do not have plans for Sony Alpha mount. THanks.

  18. :

    Hi, i am in india how can i purchase this lens

    • :

      Hi Sir, We currently ship to India for FREE. Please kindly place your order via our website. Thanks.

  19. :

    Hi, what does 2:1 means ? more magnification ? or just i can get closer to the subject by shortening the focous distance… also how would it work on the D750 ? will i be able to use it FF general ?

    • :

      2:1 means the image will be 2 times bigger than the object. It works with D750 and full frame camera.

  20. :

    will this lens work with the sony a7r? should i order the NEX model with adapter?
    trying to figure out what lens works. thanks!

    • :

      Yes. It works with Sony A7R. Please select the NEX option. Thanks!

  21. :

    Can be used on Canon 70D

    • :

      Yes. It can be used in Canon 70D. Thanks

  22. :

    I’d like to use this lens on my Olympus E-M5markII and on Sony A7r. What option should I choose?

    • :

      You should choose M43 option and pay extra USD 20 for a E-mount adaptor. THanks!

  23. :

    Hi, I read all the previous informations but just want to make sure: will that lens work with my canon 40D and what i need to choose buying it?
    What is the cost and time to wait when I would like to ship it to Poland?
    regards from Poland “)

    • :

      Yes. It works with Canon 40D.
      We currently ship to Poland for FREE. It will take around 14-22 days to arrive after shipped

  24. (verified owner):

    I am interested in purchasing your Macro lens, and I wanted to know if you ship to Italy and if there are fees I would need to pay apart from the shipment (e.g. custom fees). Or do you offer an international shipment service that includes the custom fees already?
    Thank you very much for your attention, best regards.

    • :

      Yes. We currently ship to Italy for FREE. We will declare the item as GIFT and as a low value to avoid customs.

  25. :

    Will this lens work on a Canon EOS SL1 camera? And I’m going to guess the quoted price is in US dollars?

    • :

      Yes it works and it is in USD. Thanks.

  26. (verified owner):

    Hello, i did an order on 4 march and have never news about it. The number order is 766. I contact you directly on your website and by mail and never answer.
    You say that you give a tracking number and i never receive it. Is there is a problem with the order ? Is it shipping or not ?

    Thanks your for contacting me rapidly !

  27. :

    I read all the previous informations but just want to make sure: will that lens work with a Nikon D7100?
    And if I am from Romania, are there fees I would need to pay apart from the shipment (e.g. custom fees). Or do you offer an international shipment service that includes the custom fees already?
    Thank you very much, best regards from Romania. 🙂

    • :

      Yes. It worked with Nikon D7100. We will declare the item as GIFT and as low value to avoid customs. Thanks.

  28. :

    Hi, I’m in the UK, how long will postage take and are there any import Taxes to pay?

    I would like to purchase the Nikon lens

    • :

      Please check email. Thanks.

  29. :

    Does this lens have true 2:1 reproduction on full-frame cameras? Or does one only get 2:1 on an APS-C sized sensor and 1.33:1 on FF?

    • :

      Yes I can produce 2:1 in FF camera as well. Only difference is that there will be a mild vignetting during infinity focus in FF camera.

  30. :

    Hi, I’m using a Canon EF mount (for FF DSLR) and a Fuji X-mount. Would it be compatible? What should I state in the e-shop purchase?

    • :

      Yes. It is compatiable. Please select the Fuji-X option and mark onto the order that you will need a Canon mount lens. Then we will send you a Canon mount lens together with a Canon-Fuji X adaptor.

  31. :

    can it be used with nikon d7200

    • :

      Yes. It can be used with Nikon d7200.

  32. (verified owner):

    Hi, o forgot to ask before order. Does the canon to m43 adapter have both metal bayonets?

    • :

      Yes it has metal bayonets.

  33. :

    Hi,this is not a review,but a question. Is this lens compatible with the Sigma EM-140 DG Macro flash?

    • :

      Sorry that we have not tried the lens with Sigma 140 DG Macro Flash and may not be able to answer your Q..

  34. (verified owner):

    HI, can it be used with nikon d5300 ?

    • :

      Yes. It is compatible with Nikon d5300

  35. :

    This is compatible with nikon d90 and d300?

    • :

      Yes it is compatible with nikon d90 and d300.

  36. :


    I would like the lens to be shipped to India, Bangalore. Are there any other charges which might occur though you guys send it as a gift. And if there any dealers in India. Please let us know.

    • :

      HI Sir, We will declare the item as GIFT and as low value to avoid customs. We currently ship to India for FREE.

  37. :

    Is this lens compatible with the Sony a6000 if I choose Sony A or do I need to get an adapter?

    • :

      Hi Aries, It is compatible with Sony a6000 and you will need to select the NEX option. Thanks!

  38. :

    Hi! I have some questions to ask about this wonderful lens.
    1. is it compatible with the Canon 1200D? I read the instruction manual that Canon EF lenses are compatible for canon 1200d, however, I would be more secure and have an reply from you.

    2. In Italy can be sent? Or you have to pay the extra costs for the shipment? How long will it take to get there?

    Thanks, from Italy

    • :

      Hi Sir,

      1. Yes it is compatible with Canon 1200D.
      2. Yes we currently ship to Italy for FREE. It will take around 10-21 days to arrive. Thanks!


  39. :

    how much is a distance from front glass to subject for Sony a7II ?

    • :

      For 2:1, its 6.5cm.

  40. :

    Is it compatible with Nikon D7000?

    • :

      Yes it is compatible with Nikon D7000

  41. :

    Does it work with 70d and what is the $20 extra piece do? Will I need that? Sam

    • :

      Yes it works with Canon 70D. Just simply purchase the Canon mount. Do NOT need the $20 piece

  42. :

    I was looking for reviews on the best macro lenses when I chanced upon Thomas Shahan’s review of this lens.

    His review got me interested. I have some questions:
    1. Will it work on my fairly old Canon EOS 500D (APS-C sensor) camera?
    2. Do you have sellers here in the Philippines?
    3. (If you don’t have sellers in the Philippines) On top of the price of the lens, how much will the shipping to the Philippines cost?


    • :

      Thanks for your support and here’s our reply.

      1. Yes it can work with 500D.
      2. We currently do not have resellers in Phillipines but you can currently buy it from our website and we ship to Philippines directly for FREE.
      3. Free shipping.


  43. :


    I have the Samsung NX1 with Nikon Adapters, it works for this type of camera?


    • :

      Hi Sir,

      Yes it works.

  44. :

    Der Sir, is it possible to adapt this lens to Leica SL ?

    • :

      I dont think you can adapt Canon/Nikon lenses onto Leica SL, can you?

  45. :

    Is this lens capable with Nikon D3200?

    • :

      Yes it is compatible with Nikon D3200.

  46. :

    What would be the magnification of 10 mm subject at 1 metre

    • :

      It will be less than 1:2

  47. :

    Der Sir, what is the difference between Camdiox 60mm f/2,8 Ultra Macro 2:1 Lens and LAOWA 60mm f / 2.8 2: 1 Ultra Macro Lens?

    • :

      They are a poorly made forged and fake product of a Chinese factory. We have already taken appropriate legal actions on this.

  48. :

    Thank you! There are more similar lenses! What is the difference between LAOWA 60mm f / 2.8 2: 1 Ultra Macro Lens and Oshiro 60mm f / 2.8 2: 1 Ultra Macro Lens as well as Pixco 60mm f / 2.8 2: 1 Ultra Macro Lens?

  49. :

    I would like to use this lens mainly with Fuji X-T10, but still keep the possibility of usage with Canon EOS 450D. Which option and/or remark should I use when ordering?
    What about shipment conditions to Slovakia?

    • :

      Hi Jan, You may select the FUji X option and mark onto the customer note ‘ Need Canon mount ‘.

      We currently ship to Slovakia via Hong Kong Post Economy Shipping for FREE.

  50. :

    Hello admin,
    I have sony a6000. Do i need to chose the option with adapter or sony FE alone

    • :

      You can choose the Sony FE alone. Thanks.

  51. :

    Hi! I have 3 questions:
    1, There are “Sony FE” and “Sony FE (with adaptor) +$20” options. I am using Sony A7S, which option should I choose. And what’s the difference?
    2, Do you ship to Hong Kong? How much is the shipping fee?
    3, (stupid question) I guess the price is in US dollar, right?

    Thank you!

    • :

      Hi Sir,
      1) Sony FE (built-in non-removable adapter) 2) Sony FE (Canon/Nikon mount lenses + adapter)
      Both option can be used in A7S but if you also have DSLR (Canon/Nikon), you can choose the adapter option.
      2) Yes we ship to Hong Kong for FREE
      3) Yes it is in US dollars.

  52. :

    I would like to know if this product is compatible with Nikon D5200. Thank you

    • :

      Yes it is compatible with Nikon D5200.

  53. :

    Hi I Have Nikon D 7000 Body. Is it compatible? Do i need adaptor? Have you shipped to India? I would like to know procedure

    • :

      Hi Sir, Yes it is compatible. No adapter is needed. We can ship to India and you may place the order via our webstore. Thanks!

  54. :

    not sure I understand. I have Sony A mount (A77 and 77II) and also A6300. Do I order a A mount with adapter or EF? FE? with adaptor

    • :

      Yes. This will work. Please mark it clearly on your customer notes.

  55. :

    Hello. Is the Bresser 60mm f/2.8 macro 2:1 a rebranding of this lens or is it a clone?

    • :

      This is a COPY of our Laowa lenses with extremely poor quality. We are now working with legal team to take them down. All our lenses design are protected by patent.

      The main difference is the focusing ring and front window opening. The focusing ring of our Laowa product is metallic while the FAKE one is rubber.

  56. :


    Is this lens suitable for Panasonic GX7?

    • :

      Yes it can be used in GX7. Please select the M43 (MFT) option.

  57. :

    I have a Sony a6000. Should I select Sony FE or Sony FE + Adapter option? Thanks.

    • :

      Sony FE option will fit better.

  58. (verified owner):

    Does the price of US$399 include shipping fees to Singapore? Do I also have to pay import tax?

    • :

      Yes shipping is included. We will declare the item as gift and as low value.

  59. (verified owner):

    Hi, I am trying to purchase the lens and the payment page offers me 2 channels, either via Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer. How do I make payment via Paypal as the moment I click it links me to my own Paypal page without any further instructions.

    • :

      After you clicked the Paypal button, it should redirect to your Paypal and you just need to make payment from it. Or you can also transfer directly to our Paypal account “sales@venuslens.net”. Thanks

  60. :

    You ship to Svalbard but not to the Netherlands?

    • :

      For Netherlands purchase, please contact our local representative, venuslens.nl

  61. :

    This is one of the BEST lens I have ever owned, well engineered both mechanically and optically. I have written a review of it here: https://pylin.com/2017/02/23/venus-optics-laowa-60mm-f2-8-2x-macro-lens/

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