Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where do you ship the products from?

A1: All the products will be shipped from our Hong Kong warehouse.

Q2: Which logistics company do you use?

A2: We currently ship via Hong Kong Post (Registered Airmail / e-Express service). Tracking status can be traced via

Q3: How long does it take to arrive?

A3: The parcel normally takes around 7-10 days to arrive for e-Express service and 14-21 days to arrive for Registered Airmail service. Sometimes faster. Sometimes slower. Please note that there are a lot of unforeseeable factors which will affect the delivery schedule. We advised you to check with your local dealers  for purchase if you need to catch a specific date. Venus Optics will not accept any refund/order cancellation due to the extended delivery time.

Q4: Can I request an expedited delivery?

A4: In cases we have ready stocks to fulfil your order, we are fine to arrange expedited delivery (via TNT/Fedex) upon request. Please contact us via [email protected] for the shipping quote. Again, Venus Optics will not accept any refund/order cancellation due to the lapse of the delivery time.

Q5: What is the currency shown in the webstore?

A5: The currency is in US Dollars.

Q6: Does the price include VAT/GST/duty?

A6: This price does NOT include VAT/GST/duty. Similar to purchasing in other foreign webstores, there is a chance that the customs will impose duty/VAT/GST when the parcel is shipped from foreign countries to your country. Of course, there is a chance that you wont get taxed either. Venus Optics will NOT take any responsibility on the extra fees arisen and will NOT accept refund/return of your order.  Please check with the custom department in your country before making a purchase. Please note that we, by default, declared the parcel as $100 (or lower) if there is no special requirement received. 

Q7: What about the warranty?

A7: We currently offer 3 years warranty from the time you received the lens. Please keep your receipt and send the repair inquiry to [email protected]. All lenses purchased from our webstore will have warranty service provided by us directly. Our local distributor will NOT handle warranty for our webstore purchase.

Q8: I am having issues using Paypal checkout. What can I do?

A8: You may send your order to [email protected] and arrange the payment over to our Paypal account (id= [email protected]) directly. We will update our system internally.

Q9: I don’t like my lens. Can I return and get a refund/replacement?

A9: Please think carefully before placing the order. We currently can only arrange replacement if there is ANY optical/defective issues found on the lens.  All the sales is final and we do NOT accept any return/refund request.