Meeting Masters with Laowa

In the midst of a global effort to stay home, Laowa is offering FREE masterclasses for everyone! We have invited masters to talk about photography/videography every month. Topics included macro, landscape, cinematography and photo critique to name a few. The live will be streaming on Laowa’s official Facebook and YouTube. It’s a free event that everyone is welcome to join. Let’s learn and grow together!
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Insect photography is never an easy job. The animals hide and move (sometimes they react vigorously that you can’t really take a clear pic of them). The expert Emanuele Biggi knows the animals well and he will be sharing the how-to with you guys on 23 April at 7 pm (GMT). Let’s prepare for the bug season!

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Meeting Master 2020

In 2020, Laowa offering FREE masterclasses: “Meeting Macro Masters” to everyone in the midst of a global effort to stay home! We have invited 9 masters to talk about macro photography every Friday night in April & May. It’s a free event that everyone can join.