macro photography macterclass tutorial guide

Welcome to the “Laowa Macro Master Class”!

Step into the enchanting realm of macro photography with Laowa. We’re not just about providing you with top-notch gear; we’re your partners in unveiling the magic of macro photography. In this series, we’ve gathered 10 Macro Masters from around the world, each a renowned expert in their field. They’re here to share their wisdom and know-how, guiding you on a captivating journey through the world of small wonders. Prepare to enhance your macro photography skills as we unveil a universe where the tiniest details become magnificent works of art. Join us on this incredible adventure into the world of macro photography!

Get Ready to Dive In!

EP 01 – Nocturnal Details: Mastering Macro Photography After Dark

Welcome to our first episode hosted by Stewart Wood, where we explore Nighttime Macro Photography. Stewart, our expert guide, will reveal the secrets of capturing mesmerizing nocturnal macro shots. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll gain valuable insights and techniques to master this unique facet of macro photography. So, let’s dive in!

Live date: 2nd Sep 2023 – 2pm (GMT)

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EP 02 – Best Ideas for Abstract Macro Photography

In this Macro Master Class, Micael delves into the world of abstract macro photography. Discover 11 fantastic ideas to supercharge your macro photography, no matter your skill level. Get ready to spark your creativity and create stunning macro photos.

Live date: 9th Sep 2023 – 2pm (GMT)

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EP 03 – 7 Best Tips For Water Droplet Photography

Dive into the world of water droplet macro photography with our expert, Lee Hall! In this Laowa Macro Master Class episode, Lee shares seven straightforward tips to help you capture stunning water droplet images. 

Live date: 16th Sep 2023 – 2pm (GMT)

EP 04 – Mastering Wide-Angle Macro Photography

Discover the world of wide-angle macro photography with our next Laowa Macro Master Class episode, hosted by the talented Emanuele Biggi! In this episode, Emanuele will guide you through the art of mastering wide-angle macro photography, unlocking creative approaches you never knew existed. 

Live date: 23rd Sep 2023 – 2pm (GMT)

EP 05 – Ultra Macro Photography: Everything You Need to Know

Grab your popcorn and get ready to learn about the amazing world of ultra macro photography in our new Laowa Macro Master Class episode! Our expert host Joseph McMahon, otherwise known as @diaryofcreation, will cover everything you need to know to capture the tiniest details.

Live date: 30th Sep 2023 – 2pm (GMT)