Laowagrapher/ John Hanson

Name: John Hanson
Location: Dorset, UK
Number of years as a photographer: 14
Which kind of photography do you specialize in?
Landscape and wildlife
What camera(s) are you using?
Sony A7riii, A7c, Nikon DF and Coolpix A

My name is John, a photographer from Dorset, specializing in anything to do with the natural world. My photographic journey over the past 14 years has led me to some incredible locations such as Australia, Madagascar and even scuba diving in the Red Sea! I am very proud to be an ambassador for Laowa, Haida and Vanguard.

How did you start photography?

As a kid I grew up with a strong passion for insects, spiders and reptilians. For my 13th birthday I was given a small compact camera, which I took everywhere with me to record any sightings of wildlife. What started as just simple record shots, grew into something much more for me and I was always striving to improve my images.

Whose works had inspired you the most?

As a huge macro photography fan, Thomas Shahan is my biggest idol!

How do you educate yourself to take better images?

If there was ever anything I struggled with, YouTube always had an answer. But apart from that, it has always been trial and error.

Are there any tips you can give to new photographers?

Don’t waste your budget on the best camera you can afford! Put more effort into researching lenses and how they will help you create the look you’re after. Experiment with different techniques and you’ll start to learn which settings work best for any scenarios you face.

Share one of your favorite photo

During the summer of 2018, my friend and I spent an amazing night shooting the milky way. WE had never seen it so clear before and we got some epic results. But there is one shot which I will never forget!

The 15mm f/2, is a lens like no other. I started shooting my Sony A7riii back in 2018 all because of this one lens. Why? Because of three things mainly – the 15mm focal length is something I was used to after owning the amazing Laowa 15mm f/4 macro. The f/2 aperture allows for decent low light shooting and also some funky wide angle bokeh. The 72mm filter thread still allows easy access to the filter kits I use. If you take a look at any other lens in this focal range, the majority don’t allow front filters due to a bulbous front element and the ones that do are either f/4 or, not as wide (18mm) and f/2.8. It is by no means a perfect lens, but for me, it sure is close!

What photographers would you recommend this lens to?

Anyone who, like me, needs access to a 100x150mm front filter system, shoots a lot of astro landscapes and doesn’t mind using manual focus/aperture. If you are creative enough, then this lens is a good addition to anyone.