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Laowa 11mm f/4.5 FF RL

Laowa 11mm f/4.5 FF RL


Laowa 11mm F4.5 FF RL is a super compact and lightweight Rectilinear(RL) wide-angle lens for full-frame (FF) mirrorless cameras. The remarkable 126° angle of view with 19cm minimum focus length features can be found in the 6.3cm(2.5 inches) long and 254g(8.9oz) lens. It allows you to capture the stunning landscape,  precious travel moments and beautiful interior design without any burden. The lens also includes 2 aspherical elements and 3 extra-low dispersion elements to guarantee the sharpness,  suppress chromatic aberrations and distortion to the minimum. Conveniently, the 62mm filter can be screwed onto the lens directly, or more filters available with a 100mm square filter frame. The 5 blades aperture creates a stunning 10-point sunstars. For Leica M mount photographer, rangefinder coupling is available for the lens to have a more accurate and easy focus.

*New additional mount for DJI DL.

Lens Profile: Laowa 11m f/4.5 FF RL

*Leica M mount is NOT compatible with Leica TL and CL cameras. 

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Remarkable 126° angle of view

Featuring a remarkable 126° angle of view, the new Laowa 11mm offers an exaggerated, non-fisheye perspective. It would be a perfect tool for the landscape, travel and interior photographer.

© Chen Guoheng

Ⓒ John Hanson

© Bastian Kraztke

Ⓒ John Hanson

© Shao Weiwei

Built-in 62mm Filter Thread

It is equipped with 62 mm filter thread for using screw-in filters. It is very convenient for attaching the filter to the lens directly. Great for users who don’t want to carry any filter holders.

Supreme Image Quality

11mm F4.5 FF RL is composed of 14 elements in 10 groups which deliver a remarkable image sharpness. Although it is not a Zero-D lens , the 2 aspherical elements and 3 extra-low dispersion elements suppress chromatic aberrations and distortion to the minimum.

© Wen Tai Dasu

Ⓒ John Hanson

© Bastian Kraztke

Extremely Close Focusing Distance

The lens features an extremely close focusing distance of 7.4″ / 19cm (from subject to sensor) for photographers to create macro-like shots with the ultra-wide perspective. It can also create a nice “over the shoulder shot”  that gives you a sense of presence.

© Wen Tai Dasu

© Zhong Xing Hui

Stunning 10-point Sunstars

Laowa 11mm F4.5 FF RL is designed with 5-bladed aperture where a clean and appealing 10-point sunstar rendering can be created.

© Richard Wong

© Zhong Xing Hui

© Richard Wong

Super Compact and lightweight

The lens is designed to achieve high mobility, compactness and lightness to give photographers more flexibility in travelling. The tiny lens is only 6.3cm(2.5 inch) in height & weight 254g(8.9oz). Perfect for travel or landscape photographers.

Support Rangefinder coupling on Leica M

The new 11mm f/4.5 is carefully crafted to improve your user experience.

100mm Filter Holder 

Despite the ultra-wide angle of view, the lens can use a specially designed filter holder that 100mm-wide filters can be used without serious vignetting. It gives photographers an extra option apart from the screw-in filters.

Product Description

Name Laowa 11mm  f/4.5 FF RL
Focal Length 11mm
Max. Aperture f/4.5
Min. Aperture f/22
Angle of View 126°
Format Compatibility Full Frame
Lens Structure 14 elements in 10 groups
Aperture Blades 5
Min. Focusing Distance 7.4” (19cm)
Max. Magnification 0.1
Filter Solutions 62mm filter
Dimensions 63.5mm x 58mm
Weight 254g(8.9 oz.)
Mounts Leica M(black & sliver version) / Leica L / Sony FE /  Nikon Z/ Canon RF / DJI DL


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