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Laowa 19mm f/2.8 Zero-D

Laowa 19mm f/2.8 Zero-D


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Specifically designed for Medium Format sensors, the 19mm f/2.8 Zero-D is one of the smallest in its class. Despite being built in a compact manner, the lens can capture an incredible AoV of 110° with close-to-zero distortion. Its f/2.8 large aperture allows photographers to shoot in darker environments or create a pleasing out-of-focus background. A beautiful 10-point sunstar can be rendered from its 5 aperture blades. With a minimum focusing distance of 18cm, photographers can get extremely close to their subject. Photographers can mount suitable circular filters with the 77mm filter thread. Weighing 546g and being 80mm long, this lens is an excellent choice to bring along while travelling around.

*New additional mount for Hasselblad XCD.

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01_19mm GFX Keyvisual

Exceptionally Light & Compact

This lens is significantly lighter than most GFX lenses in the market. As a wide-angle lens, it weighs only 546g and is 80mm long. Its compact size is closer to the one of a full-frame lens, perfect for photographers who wish to travel around or simply want to have a lighter setup.


Exceptionally Light and Compact

110° Ultra-Wide Angle of View

An ultra-wide 110° AoV allows photographers to do various types of photography, including landscape, interior, architecture and astrophotography with ease. Feel free to shock the world with spectacular sightings and details!


Equivalent to 15mm on Full Frame 35mm Format Sensor

Due to the 0.79x “crop” factor of the medium format-sized sensor, the lens is equivalent to a 15mm lens on a 35mm format sensor. It is extremely helpful when shooting in tight spaces.

Wen Tai Da Shu_19mm GFX (6)©Wen Tai Da ShuWen Tai Da Shu_19mm GFX (8)©Wen Tai Da ShuWen Tai Da Shu_19mm GFX (9)©Wen Tai Da Shu

f/2.8 Fast Aperture

This 19mm GFX lens has a fast aperture of f/2.8, allowing photographers to capture in low-light environments without bumping up the ISO. In addition, this lens can provide a better background separation between the subject.


Wei Feng_19mm GFX (3)©Wei FengWei Feng_19mm GFX (4)©Wei Feng Wei Feng_19mm GFX (5) ©Wei Feng

Zero Distortion

As the latest member of the Laowa “Zero-D” product line-up, this 19mm lens can also exhibit close-to-zero optical distortion. This particular feature comes in handy when doing architecture and interior photography as all the straight lines can now be retained. Utilize this feature to present your photos in their most natural state!


Wen Tai Da Shu_19mm GFX (12)©Wen Tai Da Shu

Dylan Goldby_1928_01©Dylan Goldby

Ji Xiao Xuan_19mm GFX (3).webp©Ji Xiao Xuan

18cm Minimum Focusing Distance

Having an 18cm minimum focusing distance, photographers can get extremely close to the subject while still being able to include the background information in the scene.


George Wong_1928GFX_017©George Wong

Jimmy Chan_1928GFX_05©Jimmy Chan

77mm Filter Thread

Despite the ultra-wide angle of view, this lens is still able to have a 77mm front filter thread. Photographers can quickly attach screw-on filters for maximum creativity control under different lighting conditions.


10-Point Sunstar

The 5 aperture blades render a mesmerising 10-Point Sunstar. A photographer can easily achieve this effect by stopping down the aperture.


Focusing Scale Adjustment System

This lens has the same focusing scale adjustment system as the full-frame 14mm does. This feature allows easy focus calibration against users’ own cameras. The actual infinity point would be right on the infinity mark, making it helpful in shooting in the field, especially for astrophotography.

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More Sample Photos

©Dylan Goldby

©Dylan Goldby

©Dylan Goldby

©George Wong

©Li Zhong Bing

©Li Zhong Bing

©Li Zhong Bing

©Wei Feng

©Wen Tai Da Shu

©Win Magsino

Product Description

Focal Length 19mm
Angle of View 110°
Aperture Range f/2.8-22
Format Compatibility Medium Format
Lens Structure 12 elements in 10 groups (2 Aspherical Lens, 3 ED glass, 1 UHR glass)
Aperture Blades 5
Min. Focusing Distance 18cm
Max. Magnification 0.185X
Filter Thread Ø 77mm
Dimensions Ø 82.6 x 80mm
Weight 546g
Mounts Fujifilm GFX / Hasselblad XCD


19mm f2.8 GFX_MFT Chart

Optical Structure

19mm f2.8 GFX_Lens Structure


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