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Laowa 9mm f/5.6 FF RL


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The Widest Rectilinear lens for Full Frame cameras. 

Designed for full frame cameras, the Laowa 9mm f/5.6 FF RL is currently the world’s widest rectilinear lens. The remarkable 135° angle of view allows you to capture landscape images with ease and realise formerly impossible shots. The lens includes 2 aspherical elements and 2 extra-low dispersion elements to suppress chromatic aberrations and distortion to the minimum. Despite the one-of-a-kind perspective, the lens itself is super compact (2.4″ / 6cm long) and weigh only 12.3 oz. / 350 g. It also features an extremely close focusing distance of 4.72″ / 12cm (from subject to sensor) for photographers to create mini macro shots with ultra-wide perspective.

*Leica M mount is NOT compatible with Leica TL and CL cameras. 

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Extraordinary 135° Angle of view

© Hugh Brownstone

Featuring a remarkable 135° angle of view, the new Laowa 9mm f/5.6 is currently the widest non-fisheye lens ever developed for full frame mirrorless cameras. The ultra-wide angle of view is particularly helpful for interior as it helps exaggerated the sense of space. The one-of-a-kind perspective also helps realized a lot of formerly impossible shots.


© Honda

© Sohjiroh Yamagata


© Jimmy Chan

© Richard Wong


Extremely close focusing distance

In addition to the ultra-wide perspective, the new Laowa 9mm lens can focus extremely close, almost like a macro lens. The closest focusing distance is only 4.72” (12cm) measuring from subject to sensor. This is so much closer than the other ultra-wide angle lenses in the market and it provides a greater flexibility for photographers to compose shots at any distance, create wide angle shots at close distances and control depth of field much more easily.

© Robert Beasley

© Wen Ta Da Shu

© Jimmy Chan

© Wen Ta Da Shu


Perfect 10-point Sunstars

The 5-blade aperture system produces a pleasing sunstar rendering. Simply stop down the aperture by 1 stop and can create the perfect 10-point sunstars.

© Gua Ge

© Richard Wong

© Zhu Ge Xiao Ming


An exaggerated sense of space

With a remarkable 135° angle of view, the lens creates a sense of space by exaggerating the relative size of foreground objects. This lens is extremely useful for interior photography.

© Wen Ta Da Shu

© Yi Jia

© Yi Jia


100mm Filter Holder 

Despite the ultra-wide angle of view, Venus Optics have managed to work with partners to carefully design a filter holder that 100mm-wide filters can be used without serious vignetting.


Lens body design

The new 9mm f/5.6 is carefully crafted to improve your user experience.

Leica M Leica L, Sony E, Nikon Z


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© Sohjiroh Yamagata

© Robert Beasley

© Robert Beasley

Detail review from Robert Beasley:


© Wen Ta Da Shu

© Honda

© Jimmy Chan

© Jimmy Chan

Review From Paul Monaghan

Product Description

Name Laowa 9mm f/5.6 FF RL
Focal Length 9mm
Max. Aperture f/5.6
Angle of View 135°
Format Compatibility Full Frame
Lens Structure 14 elements in 10 groups
Aperture Blades 5
Min. Focusing Distance 12 cm
Max. Magnification 0.21
Focus Mode Manual Focus
Filter Thread – –
Dimensions 62.4 x 66 mm
Weight 350g
Mounts Leica M & L / Sony FE / Nikon Z


Optical Structure


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