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Laowa Argus 25mm f/0.95 CF APO

Laowa Argus 25mm f/0.95 CF APO


Introducing the new Argus 25mm f/0.95 CF APO to the Argus lineup, the ultra-fast aperture option for APS-C cameras. Now, Laowa offers a total of 6 lenses with f/0.95 brightness, including 2 for full frame, 2 for APS-C and 2 for MFT cameras. This new addition of 25mm f/0.95 is designed with an APO feature to minimize chromatic aberration and is able to deliver impressive image quality even at maximum aperture.

Providing outstanding sharpness for the in-focus areas and pleasing bokeh for the out-of-focus areas, it is a compact and versatile option for portrait and low-light photography. The lens has a low focus breathing, together with user-friendly switches and internal focusing, making this an ideal lens for both photographers and videographers.

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Let There Be Light!

An f/0.95 ultra-fast aperture is perfect for creating impactful images, easy to create a much shallower depth of field (DoF) for astonishing subject separation from the background. From portrait to low-light and astro-photography, the lens is able to capture every essence of light along the way.

The Faster The Aperture — The Shallower The DoF

Creamy, Dreamy, Lovely Bokeh

A specialized lens for artistic bokeh in out-of-focus areas, while the in-focus area stays sharp. The 9-bladed aperture generates satisfying bokeh effects which help to create dreamy background for stunning portrait photography.

Not Too Wide, Not Too Tight

Featuring a natural 58.8° angle of view, the 25mm focal length on the APS-C sensor is equivalent to the 35mm focal length in full-frame format. The semi-wide focal length makes the lens extremely versatile to use, it is an everyday lens for portraits, landscape and street photography.

APO? We Got It!

Engineered with 1 ED glass and 2 highly refractive glasses to suppress longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberration across in-focus & out-of-focus areas. Purple fringing and ghosting are controlled to the minimum throughout the aperture range. The APO design married with the fast aperture allows the lens to produce outstanding image performance for higher contrast and image fidelity.

Get Intimate With Your Objects

The 25mm f/0.95 lens has a minimum focusing distance of 34cm, it can create an extremely blurry background and capture different interesting perspectives while preserving objects’ details.

User-friendly Switch Mechanism

The Aperture Ring Click Switch Mechanism allows you to choose whether to have a clicked or silent aperture ring. It is a useful function to support both your photography and video needs.

Functional Structural Design

Same as other lenses in the Argus series, it is built with the internal focusing characteristic. Apart from preventing the lens from dusting, the optical performance in both infinity focus and minimum focusing distance is maximized by enhancing stability. It also helps to achieve a lower focus breathing effect, making the focus transition more natural. The lens is compatible with accessories designed to be set to a specific position like polarizers, and petal-shaped lens hoods.

Product Description




Focal Distance


Aperture Range


Angle of View


Lens Structure
14 elements in 9 groups
Aperture Blades


Min. Shooting Distance


Max. Magnification



Manual (MF)

Filter Thread



About Ø 71.5mm * 81mm

About 575g

Sony E/ Nikon Z/ Canon RF/ Fuji X/ Canon EF-M


Optical Chart


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