Shift For The Best with Laowa

Watch how Laowa’s Shift Lens Series helps you create the best architectural, interior and real estate photography.


Laowa 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift

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Laowa 15mm f/4.5R Zero-D Shift

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Laowa 20mm f/4 Zero-D Shift

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Why shift for the best?

Capture everything

15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift is the World’s Widest Shift lens for full-frame cameras and medium format cameras. The ultra-wide angle of view allows unlimited framing possibilities and flexibility to capture the best photographs even in confined spaces.

Focal length matters

15mm and 20mm are available to work with every situation, using the right focal length allows you to frame the subject and the surroundings in a pleasing ratio.

Shift for unlimited compositions

The ±11mm shift capacity maximizes the image circle to create high-resolution stitched images. Creating the best panorama without touching the tripod.

Correct Image distortion

Any straight lines can be maintained from corner to corner. A must-have advantage for taking architectural, commercial and interior photographs.

Excellent image quality

Superb control of chromatic aberration, flaring, and ghosting effects, ensuring the image sharpness is consistent from the center to the edge.

More blades more options

15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift has 5 blades (the Blue ring) and 14 blades versions (the Red ring), giving you the options to capture desirable starburst effects and bokeh.

Support GFX mount

New release of GFX mount for all Laowa Shift Lenses. Use directly without adaptors in most cameras.

Get some inspirations!

What is a Shift Lens and Why?

How to use shift Lens for archtecture and real estate photography?

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Architectural Photography

Ⓒ Bastian Kratzke

Ⓒ Nicco Valenzuela

Ⓒ Jiang Ji Hang

Ⓒ Carlo Yuen

Ⓒ Zhang Qi

Ⓒ Danny Kwan

Ⓒ Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Ⓒ Carlo Yuen

Ⓒ Manny

Interior Photography

Ⓒ Zhang Hao

Ⓒ Wu Wei

Ⓒ Mortatti

Real Estate Photography

Ⓒ Mortatti

Ⓒ Ricky

Ⓒ Nicco Valenzuela

Ⓒ Zhang Hao

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