Solve one riddle, get the prize

1) You only need to pick one of the riddles from below.
2) The answer will become your discount code
(And part of the link if the question stated).
3) Do remember to follow our
Facebook & Instagram in order for the code to be valid.

Don’t spoil the game…
Or, #&4*%,.. will notice and shut us down.

i) Nothing can hide from my ultra-wide sight. I’m the first to have this power on a Full Frame

ii) Sneak into the wonderland with my pointy nose. Within the darkness, my tip would glow.

iii) Among my family, I’m the coolest one. Straighten the buildings and all the lines. Shifting my bulb head, to form the perfect one. (This answer is part of the URL: )

iV) Nothing is small when I get close. Clean all fringes like my young brothers would do so.


Vi) I can see things in their true size. Come as close as you wish to and don’t be shy. I can still see with my huge eye.


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Thank you for participate in the game.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Each person would only allow using one code from the campaign. Do not submit the same code repeatedly under different names/emails. Once the above behaviours are discovered, orders will be removed without further notice.
  • Laowa reserves the right of final interpretation. By using the code, you agree to the rules and our terms & conditions. Any participants violent the rules will be disqualified.
  • For discount code, it can use to purchase any products at Laowa’s official store (Accessories not included).